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Champions Challenge 2018 Pre- Registration! 

March 31st, 2018

Registration at the door starts at 8:00 am 

Continuous Sparring and Team Forms start at 9:00 am

Tournament will start 10:00 am

Rolland Warner middle school, 3145 W. Genesee St, Lapeer MI. 48446

Two Ways To Pay!


(Competitors only, Spectators must pay cash at the door) 

$60 Flat rate for competitors that pay online! please type the number of division cards you need upon payment.

OR Send In Registration form at the bottom of the page to:

Dragon Karate 

183 W. Nepessing St., Lapeer MI. 48446

(Competitors and spectators may send registration in via mail)

(Make Checks Payable to Dragon Karate LLC)


Competitors Pre-Registration: $60 for 3 divisions and $5 for ea. additional division

Competitors at the door: $65 for first division and $5 for ea. additional division

Spectators Pre-registration: $8

Spectators at the door: $10 

All Checks and Online Payment must be received by March 24th, 2018

PAYMENTS ARE NON- Refundable and Cash Only will be accepted at the DOOR!


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Pre-register competitors online


Printable Pre-Registration form for competitors and spectators below:
Please make checks payable to:
Dragon Karate LLC. 
send to: Dragon Martial Arts 183 W. Nepessing St., Lapeer, MI. 48446

Champions Challenge Registration Form


Competitors Pre-Registraion : $60 for 3 divisions and $5 for each additional Division

Competitors at the Door: $65 for first event and $5 for each additional Division

Spectators Pre-Registration: $8  

Spectators: $10 at the door 

NAME:________________________________________________________ AGE:___________

ADDRESS:___________________________________ CITY:_______________ STATE:______



EMAIL: ________________________________________________

BELT LEVEL_____________________________________ SCHOOL:_____________________________________


Black Belt                                              Underbelt:

Team forms _____                                  Team Forms____

Open Forms_____                                  Forms____

Open Weapons ____                              Weapons____

Traditional Forms _____                        Sparring ____

Traditional Weapons _____                   Continuous Sparring ____

Continuous Sparring ______

Point Sparring ______

Number of Spectators: __________

Total payment: _____________

Waiver of Release Liability: I hereby assume all risk for Champions Challenge and hereby release the tournament directors, Dan Cousineau, Dragon Karate LLC, and Lapeer High School for all personal injuries known or unknown which the competitors may incur in the tournament. I understand that tournaments involve significant and substantial physical contact between participants and the competitors may receive injuries as a result. I have read and understand this release and all of its items. I voluntarily execute it; with full knowledge of its significance.

Competitor Signature ( parent/ guardian if under 18



Date _____________