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Our Aerobic Kickboxing classes will help you achieve new levels of flexibility, coordination, and endurance immediately, all while having a great time meeting new friends in our high-energy, high-excitement classes.

Dragon Martial Arts School's professional and skilled staff will teach you effective striking, punching, and kicking with fun and intense drills that will have you burning unwanted fat, learning effective self-defense techniques and toning your muscles to give you the body you've always wanted.

3 Keys to Fitness

Diet! Exercise! Rest!

Diet: You must fuel your body right to get the best results!

Exercise: You must push your body to the limits - Then once you have reached those limits you set new goals to reach even higher!

Rest: You must get the proper rest to let your body recover and become stronger!

Aerobic Kickboxing at DMA is not just cardio!!

Interested in signing up for Aerobic Kickboxing classes? 

For class times please check the schedule Thank you!

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