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Students: Where are they now? 

Anthony Shaw

3rd Degree Black Belt at Dragon Martial Arts

Winner of Multiple State Tournaments

Studied at Chadron State College

Melissa Grzanka 

4th Degree Black Belt at Dragon Martial Arts

Multiple time WKU World Champion.

Studied at the Oakland University. 

David Tillery

3rd Degree Black Belt at Dragon Martial Arts

Studied at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

"My time training at Dragon left me with no shortage of awesome memories. It also helped me to develop a sense of discipline that drives me to this day. It's easy to get things done when motivation is present, but discipline is the extra bit that guides you when motivation is nowhere to be found. Years have passed since my first black belt promotion, but I've come to realize that the skills you learn from practicing martial arts are lifelong. Looking back, I know that my discipline helped me to become a better doctor, husband, and father." 

Sean Maston

2rd Degree Black Belt at Dragon Martial Arts

2nd class petty officer. Boatswains Mate 2nd class.

"Growing up training at Dragon laid an undeniably solid and beautiful framework for a lifestyle where I demand excellence of myself. It helped me instill a sense of self confidence that allows me to dream big, to attack fear, and to grow as a person everyday. Reminding me every single day that passion is power and impossible is nothing."

"After my time at Dragon, I spent 6 years in the military, honorably discharged. I traveled / worked internationally. Currently I live in San Francisco, Ca.! My wok and passion is in fitness and health where I practice daily the life lessons I learned growing up at Dragon. I look back with nothing but gratitude and love for the wind that experience, and my family at Dragon, put in my sails." 

Rachel Metter

2nd Degree Black Belt at Dragon Martial Arts 

Studies Diagnostic Medical Sonography at

Baker College

" I started at Dragon when I was just five years old. I wanted to start taking karate lessons because I thought that it looked fun and exciting. Looking back now, I never could imagine all of the skills and experiences I would gain from my time at Dragon. Not only did i receive physical training that helped teach me how to be fit and active, but I also learned how to be healthy mentally. I have been able to apply what I have learned to my academics, as well as in the workplace. As one might expect, I was taught respect and discipline. I also was trained on how to take constructive criticism and use it to better myself. I learned patience from putting in years of heard work to get my black belt. I was even given the chance to express my creative side when working on construction new forms. As I advanced, I had the opportunity to teach some classes which gave me the great leadership experience and helped me become more confident. The student creed says it best, at Dragon not only are you working on become a better martial artist, but the best person you can be."

Allison Johnson

3rd Degree Black Belt at Dragon Martial Arts

Studying toward MD/PhD at Michigan University

"My years of training at Dragon Karate had a tremendous impact on the type of person I am and still strive to become. Because of karate, I have learned a multitude of skills that a classroom or any other sports team never could have taught me. I gained a newfound confidence and self-assurance with my skills that translated over to a determination and dedicated mentality that helped get me through two reconstructive hip surgeries. The mentality that you can always be learning something new and refining what you already know instilled a love a learning within me that aids me on my path toward an MD/PhD. Karate was a constant in my life while growing up and something that I always looked forward to, while other sports came and went. My instructors and peers encouraged and motivated me to be the best version of myself, something that I have ingrained in every facet of my life. I am forever grateful for the people and experiences at Dragon Karate that helped shaped the individual I am today. "

Theresa Dray

3rd Degree Black Belt Dragon Martial Arts

Multiple time World Champion WKC & WKU

Multiple time State Champion

Studied at Marry grove University and  Andrews University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. 

Anthony Cotton

3rd Degree Black Belt Dragon Martial Arts

Multiple Time WKU World Champion

Studied at Grand Valley State University

Shaine Cousineau

2nd Degree Black Belt at Dragon Martial Arts

Multiple time State Champion 

WKU / Silver Medalist at World Championships

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